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Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes

These Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes have something for everyone, from breakfast and desserts. Some are only 2-3 ingredients, and some are packed with a handful of nutritious ingredients. Inspiring you to have a vegan Valentine’s Day this year, with these delicious recipes everyone can enjoy!

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Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

This vegan aquafaba chocolate mousse is so rich, creamy, and decadent. Creating this recipe had it’s challenges, but the final product is well worth it! Find out how to make this aquafaba chocolate mousse recipe, and the other key ingredient responsible for making this! Top it off with your favorite toppings, and enjoy a vegan Valentine’s Day!

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Vegan No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

This no churn strawberry ice cream is so delicious, just takes 3 ingredients, and is vegan. No ice cream maker is required, so as long as you have a food processor or blender, you can make this in no time. Great for those with dairy allergies, or other food preferences. Wholesome ingredients, with no preservatives or additives commonly found in store-bought alternatives.

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