My name is Margaux Empey and I started this blog to share my passion for nutrition, good food, and to fight the plethora of nutrition misinformation on the internet today. 

I graduated from the University of Michigan with my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Nutritional Sciences. I am passionate about using nutrition to improve quality of life and helping others achieve this, which has driven me to switch careers. I completed my Dietetic Internship (DI), to gain my required supervised practice hours in order be eligible for the Registration Exam to be a Registered Dietitian (RD). I passed my RD exam in April 2019, which was such a huge relief and exciting time having all the years of hard work paying off!

In July 2019 I start my first job as a Registered Dietitian as an outpatient dietitian in oncology!

I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, being outdoors, giving back to my community, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends! 

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