5 Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes

With holiday season in full swing, and Christmas just days away, I have been busy baking all sorts of Christmas cookies with friends and family. I have been so happy with trying out some new cookie recipes this year, so I have compiled 5 Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes that I have made and enjoyed this season (many of which are also gluten-free). Whether you’re vegan or not, try these cruelty-free Christmas Cookies this year!

  1. Cherry Almond Thumbprint Cookies (V, GF)

I found this recipe from a YouTuber that I have followed for awhile now, and was really impressed with how they turned out. The cookie component is made from very whole, natural ingredients. The cookie dough is made with just 5 or 6 ingredients, that are gluten and grain free, and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. The delicious almond flavor is from the almond butter, almond flour, and almond extract in these cookies. Instead of conventional jam used in thumbprint cookies, I used a chia seed jam. This is a healthier option, with no added sugar. It’s very easy to make, and can be used in place of jam in many contexts (PB&J, in oatmeal etc.). I used a different chia jam recipe than the one included in the cookie recipe. This recipe for the chia jam was using frozen cherries (or any other fruit you prefer). Living in Michigan in the winter, using fresh berries is very expensive and not the highest quality flavor. Our grocery store sells Michigan ‘Farm to Freezer’ berries, so I was able to use Michigan grown cherries that were picked and frozen in their prime! Make the chia jam ahead of time as it takes a few hours. All in all, I was really happy with the flavor, texture, and ease of this recipe!


Changes I made to the recipe included using smaller scoops of dough to roll the cookies out. The recipe calls for a 2 Tbsp scoop, I initially did this and only ended up with around 10 cookies (the recipe says it yields 18-19). I started over with a small cookie scoop, closer to 1 Tbsp in size, and ended up with a similar yield, and a good size cookie after baking. You can greatly reduce the amount of jam the recipe calls for, unless you plan to use it in other ways. I also found that after I baked the cookies, they spread and left a ring/stain of where the jam was. I didn’t like the way this looked. So I added more jam to fill in the stained areas, and baked them for a few more minutes.

2.Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies (V)

I’m so so happy with this recipe, I had to include it! These are so good, and turned out with the perfect crinkle look, and I love the peppermint and chocolate combination! This dough does require it to be chilled for 4 hours before rolling, coating, and baking them, so keep that in mind when you make these! I think these are so pretty, festive, and a true Christmas classic! They turned out to be nice and soft, and chewy on the inside with a little sugary crunch on the outside. 


I did include the optional crushed peppermint candies listed in the recipe, and definitely recommend it! I used one candy cane, and that came out close to what the recipe called for. These are not gluten-free, as flour is used in this recipe. Although I have not tested it, you could try using a 1-to-1 gluten-free flour substitute if you or loved ones have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten. 

3.Molasses Gingersnap Cookies (V, GF)


This recipe comes from another YouTuber I have followed for a few years now that always has great recipes. This cookie reminds me of the holiday season so much, with the warm ginger flavor. I loved how these ones turned out, and had a pretty crackled finish, that remained soft and chewy on the inside (can you tell I prefer soft cookies?)


Leaving the cookies in a few more minutes and leaving them to set on the cookie tray a little longer, results in a crunchier cookie if you prefer them that way. This recipe calls for ginger powder, and the next time I make these I’d be interested in seeing how adding some freshly grated ginger would turn out. 

4.Chocolate Peppermint Fudge (V, GF)

Mmmmm these are so decadent, the tiniest piece does the job. Surprise, surprise, this recipe is from another person I follow on social media, this time from an RD. The recipe is on her YouTube channel, and a typed out recipe is in the description box. She calls these no-bake brownies with ganache, but they honestly taste like fudge to me, but either way these are so yummy! I also appreciate these are no-bake, and pretty easy to whip together, but they do require some time to set in the fridge…but so worth it!!


I have been storing mine in the fridge, as they can become a little melty at room temperature, so if you aren’t serving right away I suggest storing them in the fridge :) I also crushed a few candy canes, and skipped the other candies used in the recipe and just used some red and green sprinkles I had on hand.

5.Cutout Sugar Cookies (V)

I have not made vegan sugar cookies since going vegan, and I’m so happy I stumbled across this recipe! I think the flavor and consistency of these is perfect, and I liked the dash of almond in these. I also had never used the this technique of rolling out dough between parchment paper, instead of flouring a surface, and I found this to be so much easier, and way less messy! I love a good cookie decorating session, as these are always the most fun to make!


I ended up doubling the icing ingredients, and split it on in different bowls to add the coloring. I also chose to use a chia egg (also able to use a flax egg), this unintentionally made the dough look similar to poppy seed, and I actually liked that way it turned out.