Introducing the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Logo NEW.png

I’m so excited to introduce you to my first ever Holiday Gift Guide! This is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, before the blog was even made. I have used various gift guides for years now, and find them so helpful. From occasions like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, my best friends birthday, for the Holidays… you name it and I’ve probably googled a gift guide to get ideas! I like them for two reasons:

  1. They offer inspiration— If you’re googling for gift ideas it’s likely this person is either hard to shop for, or you’re looking for a new, creative, out-of-the-box idea to make your gift extra special and meaningful. Gift Guides are a great source of inspiration to get ideas for both of those scenarios.

  2. You “don’t want anything”— More years than not, I’ve felt stumped about what to add to my wish list either because I don’t really need anything, everything I wanted over the past 11 months has somehow vanished from my head and I can’t remember for the life of me (but I know come the New Year they will all come flooding back to me, haha), or your family refused to just give you a gift card or money because they ‘want you to open an actual present’. Sound familiar? No worries, because scrolling through Gift Guides helps jog your memory and come up with tangible gifts loved ones can get for you.


  • There will be three separate posts for each category of the gift guide: For the Foodie, For the Beauty Guru, & For the Fashionistsa

  • Each guide will have all items linked for ease of shopping

  • All products have been used, and loved, by me!

  • Each guide will be accompanied by a youtube video to explain each item on the Gift Guide & why I included it (subscribe to my youtube channel to stay in the loop)!

  • If you subscribe to my blog to receive email updates for new posts and announcements, you will receive an exclusive downloadable e-book for the entire 2018 Holiday Gift Guide (offer expires by Jan 1, 2019).

  • Share with friends and family so they don’t miss out!