For the Fashionista- 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to the third part in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Series! This year I created a three part gift guide for the holiday season to ensure you get lots of inspiration for everyone on your shopping list this year!! Oh, and of course give you some inspo for things you’d like to add to your wishlist :) For more details on how the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide is structured please read that post here! If you missed part one (For the Foodie) to part two (For the Beauty Guru) be sure to check them both out! Don’t forget to subscribe to get your FREE e-book version of the entire 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Let’s dive in to…



Another small confession: I loveee shopping, fashion, and any excuse to buy the new trends! It’s been a problem for a really long time, in high school I would actively try to not repeat an outfit for the entire school year, and one year I won ‘best dressed.’ Some may say I’m a ‘shopaholic,’ which I can’t really disagree with. I’d say college and grad school I relaxed a little bit, and was no longer avoiding sweats, yoga pants, and leggings, which made up a good chunk of my wardrobe.

With my lifestyle shifting, I also wanted to start looking at clothes and shoes that I wear, and I now avoid buying anything from an animal (to the best of my abilities). Again, I’m a work in progress, and I’m still learning! Even if you’re not vegan or plant-based, I would encourage you to take a look at what you’re buying and consider all of the alternatives out there to avoid harming animals.


Look for some of these commonly used materials that come from animals to avoid:

  • Leather, Suede, Wool, Fur, Down/Feathers, Cashmere, Silk, & Exotic Skins

Read the labels for these materials that are vegan-friendly:

  • Faux leather, all synthetic materials, man-made materials, polyurethane, microfiber, cork, faux/micro/ultrasuede, hemp, bamboo cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, rayon, polyester fleece, acrylic, synthetic down, thermolite, faux fur

why does it matter?

I’m sure you can guess the obvious answer to this, but millions of animals are slaughtered each year, often times skinned alive, to use them for materials in clothing, shoes, and accessories. There are so many companies and materials used that can give you the same article of clothing, without this unnecessary harm to animals.

Let’s jump into the gift guide…


Violet Ray Crossbody Purse: This purse is the perfect size for a functional crossbody purse. It has tons of pockets and zipped storage areas to fit all your essentials! I love the detail work on the front pockets and the material feels so luxurious!

Nine West Taupe Tote Bag: I love this bag so much, I’ve used it as a professional bag to bring to work for a over a year now. It is the perfect neutral color that goes with anything, and can be worn throughout the year. I especially appreciate the metal studs on the bottom to keep the bottom of the bag clean when set on the ground.

Lavender + Gold Purse: This cutie is such a fun bag, with a great pop of color! I love the gold details in the chain and the closure on the front. It is very structured and can fit a few essentials (phone, money, lipstick etc). I could not find this online, believe it or not there is absolutely no name on this purse, anywhere (not the tag, inner pocket, exterior of the purse, nowhere)! So I found another vegan-friendly lavender purse that I linked for you!

Violet Ray Large Grey Purse: This has been a recent favorite bag for me. It is big enough to take to work, as my planner and iPad can fit with plenty of room. It has a zipper closure and other internal and external pockets. I like the versatility of the handles, as well as the long shoulder strap. You’ll notice from the video my version is slightly different, but since last week my version is no longer on Target’s website, so this was the closest one.

Co-Lab Maroon Purse: This guy is the perfect fall & holiday color. with beautiful gold accents. The gold rings can be used as a bracelet purse with the chain tucked inside, or left to hang with the use of the chain shoulder strap. This one is also on the smaller side, and can fit the key essentials. I could end up finding the exact purse on Poshmark here.

Chill X Le Meil Tote Bag + Wallet: I loveee this bag so much! I have been using this for work, and always get a compliment! It has tons of room, and a top zipper, and came with a matching wallet! I love the stiching, stud, and trim detail on this bag. The colors are perfect for this time of year, and it also has the metal studs on the bottom to keep it clean when resting on the ground. I also appreciate that this bag holds it shape really well, and doesn’t slouch over. I cannot find this bag online anywhere, I got it from TJ MAXX, but I linked it to the same brand that made this one!


Romeo + Juliet Faux Leather Jacket: This navy light-weight jacket is so trendy. The sleeves and part of the back are faux leather, while the front panels are more similar to a faux suede material. The asymmetric zipper in the front is super cute, and this can also be worn unzipped.

Black Quilted Bomber Jacket: This is a staple in any wardrobe. It can be worn as a coat (or is perfect to throw on in your freezing office). The panels along the sides are knit for stretch and flattering structure, while the rest is quilted. I couldn’t find the exact jacket, as I got it on clearance at TJ MAXX (catching on to a habit of mine yet? haha). I linked a similar one that I was able to find though.

JouJou Faux Suede Jacket: I. Love. This. Jacket. I got it a year or two ago, and I fell in love with the color, and the gold details in the zippers and snaps. I think this is absolutely adorable! It is a heavier jacket than it looks, getting bonus points for functionality with keeping me warm and feeling good about how it looks.

Tommy Hilfiger Raincoat: This raincoat hits at just the right spot, it’s not too long on me (I’m 5’0 tall), hitting mid-thigh. I appreciate the hood, as I am always surprised how many raincoats don’t have hoods. I also like that it gathers slightly at the waist to give it a little shape!

Guess Winter Jacket: So in love with this winter coat. It keeps me just as warm, if not warmer, than my old down Northface coat that went almost down to my feet. This one hits around knee length, and has a knit section that gathers at the waist. The faux fur trim on the hood is removable (snaps off, but the hood stays on). All aspects of this coat are vegan friendly, with the faux fur, and synthetic shell and filling! Great quality coat, that I’m so happy to have found! I linked the closest version I could find.


Journee Collection Tori Boot: This boot was ordered from DSW online (they don’t carry them in stores, boo!), and didn’t end up fitting quite right, but I still wanted to include it to give you guys some ideas of what’s out there and available! Since I’m so short, these were just a little too tall for me, but otherwise I really liked them, they were true to size and really comfortable! The link is to wide calf, but explore all the other riding boots they offer here.

Journee Collection Spokane Boot: These were also ordered online, but I had better luck and they fit just right! The taupe color is so versatile, and the material feels very nice. There is a studded zipper detail down the back with a pop of red in the zipper, which I really like! Explore all the other riding boots they offer here.

Patterned Faux Fur Backless Mules: I think these are simply adorable! The pattern gives them a fun flare, and can give any outfit a nice boost of color! These are super comfortable, and great for business casual attire. I personally think they can be dressed up or down, and worn however you desire!

Black Backless Mules: The exact pair that I own are no longer on Target’s website, but I show them in the video, and these are pretty close (and just as cute)! I have been loving the mules this year, and find them to be a great way to achieve comfort, and your work dress code!

Kitten Heeled Mules: Another pair of mules… gasp. These have a nice matte finish, and are a great neutral color that can be worn with so much! These are also comfortable, and stylish!

Jameson Double Zipper Booties: Yep, I liked them so much, I bought them in two colors. I am all aboard this trend, I am loving these specifically because of the zipper detail, the memory cushion inside, and the satin finish. They look and feel really high quality, minus the animal cruelty and high price tag. Pair these with leggings, jeans, dress pants, dress and tights… you name it!

Conquer Wedge Bootie: Confession: these are Dr. Scholl’s! I didn’t even realize it when I picked them out, but dang! I’m impressed by the style and comfort of these! They have memory foam soles that make them feel as if you’re walking around in shoes sans wedge heel. I love the wooden heel detail, and the faux suede material! I have them in grey (slightly different than pictured), and the navy! They were so comfortable and versatile, I ended up getting them in another color & love them!

Bare Traps Heeled Bootie: I was drawn to these by their unique dark grey color, with a hint of taupe? Regardless I find them very wearable, and super comfortable, with a cute buckle detail. I actually almost didn’t pick these up because I assumed they were genuine leather, but they are in fact faux leather, and look super convincing if you ask me!


Wholesome Culture Graphic Tees: This guac one is a personal fav of mine, that I own & adore. Be sure to check out all the other apparel they sell on their website! I found that their sizes run a little big, I ordered it in a Medium, and its pretty oversized on me, so be careful about checking the sizing chart!

Elephant Graphic Tee: This is one of my favorites because 1) Elephants are my most favorite animal, and 2) I love a good plant-powered tee! I’ve seen other colors online as well.

Barn Sanctuary Shirt: This shirt, as well as all their other apparel, supports the Barn Sanctuary right here in Chelsea, MI. I’ve been able to tour the farm, and meet some of the sweetest animals that were rescued. Why not get a gift that gives back?

Old Navy Produce Socks: I’m obsessed with any fruit or veggie apparel, and am always on the hunt! I was so excited when I found that Old Navy sells a 7-pack of socks with various fruits and vegetables. I have three of the packs now, and love how cute they are! I was not able to find them on their website. I am thinking they may only release this variety in the spring/summer? I did check my local Old Navy and they still had some of this most recent pack in the store, but I linked to other socks they sell online so you can keep your eye out! 7 for $10— what a great deal!